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A win-win partnership!

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New satisfied customers

Targeted with an offer adapted to your needs.


No discount on your offers

Discounts are not our priority. We prefer to maximize the experiences that you are passionate about and proud to present.


Additional sales

60% of our customers spend more once they arrive on site.


Personalized support and guidance

Our consultants will be pleased to assist you, according to your goals and expectations.

Your application has been accepted?

So what are the next steps?

  • Guided by one of our consultants, you'll develop your best packages.

  • We sign the partnership contract.

  • Our customers contact you to reserve.

  • You welcome them.

  • You register their Prestige Giftbox card with the application.

  • You receive your payment.


Prestige Giftbox has helped us to become known throughout Quebec since 2016. People receive their visit to us as a gift, which creates a positive experience from the moment they arrive.”

My Hanh Pham - Co-owner, Kyomi Restaurant

My Hanh Pham - Co-owner, Kyomi Restaurant


Prestige Giftbox provides us with new clientele. It’s simple and quick to set up, both in terms of logistics and the accounting procedure.”

Christine Mailloux - Director of Sales, Business Development and Partnerships, Strøm spa nordique

Christine Mailloux - Director of Sales, Business Development and Partnerships, Strøm spa nordique

Prestige Giftbox lends us great visibility and helps make our customers satisfied: they arrive already happy. They are offered a menu our regular clientele enjoys and can treat themselves to a few extras! We love the concept!”

Mélissa Corbeil - Owner, Fous Braques

Mélissa Corbeil - Owner, Fous Braques


“A great partnership that brings us customers and gets our name out there.”

Olivier Simard - Owner, Kabania
Olivier Simard - Owner, Kabania

“Thanks to Prestige Giftbox, I gain fantastic visibility in major businesses. The app is easy to use. I’m glad to be a part of such a great concept!”

Vicky Veilleux - Owner, Carpediem Aventures

Vicky Veilleux - Owner, Carpediem Aventures


“We’re gaining customers who wouldn’t have come otherwise and who are interested to try something new. Prestige Giftbox is all about the simplicity of building new clientele, the ease of payment and the team’s adaptability. It’s fabulous.”

Fanny Bouchard - Co-owner, l’Auberge la Grande Maison
Fanny Bouchard - Co-owner, l’Auberge la Grande Maison



What type of visibility does Prestige Giftbox offer?

Thanks to a vast distribution network including 1,500 points of sale in Quebec, a community of 14,000 people on our social media, 500,000 web visitors per year and more than 60,000 newsletter subscribers, Prestige Giftbox offers its partners complementary marketing without any prior investment.

As a partner, you can benefit from year-round exposure on our giftboxes, Prestige Giftbox websites, social media, newsletters and even on the radio. The company has 350 partners, has sold more than 350,000 giftboxes, and provides an annual media value of $1 million.

In sum, Prestige Giftbox offers its partners exceptional visibility with a huge audience, thanks to its powerful distribution network and its multi-channel marketing that perfectly complements the marketing your company is already implementing.


Why become a partner?

We base our giftbox packages on their real value, with no discount to the customer. Together, we develop packages to meet your business objectives and ask only a small conversion fee when we send you a happy customer. A positive return on investment is therefore guaranteed.
It’s a win-win-win concept!


What’s Prestige Giftbox’s clientele?

Our positioning is exclusive to the gift industry. The clientele you welcome is happy and ready to celebrate the occasion for which they received their giftbox. Indeed, having received it as a gift, they will be more inclined to be in a good mood and spend more on site.





How does a customer book my services or product?

We offer the customer the possibility of booking by contacting you by phone or email. You maintain complete autonomy in the management of your reservations, allowing you to choose the dates and options that best suit your needs. Your contact information is displayed on

They trust us - We trust them

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